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How Specialty Pharmacy Technology is Freeing Nurses’ Time

How Specialty Pharmacy Technology is Freeing Nurses’ Time

In a world where everything is automated with new technology and jobs are reconstructed to be more seamless, do you ever feel like you're stuck in the 1980s with loads of paper files stacked high? Faxing machines running (or not running) all day long? If there was technology out there that could free your time by minimizing administration work and making processes more seamless, would you be interested?

Why Specialty Pharmacy Technology is Needed

The Problem: "We don't have time in our day"

As a RN, your typical day on the job varies depending on a number of factors. The location you work in, the type of facility, the size of the staff, and the population you serve. The list of responsibilities as a RN seems to be never ending. Just a small part of your day may include duties such as

  • Writing biologics
  • Assessing, observing, and speaking to patients
  • Recording details and symptoms of patient medical history and current health
  • Preparing patients for exams and treatment
  • Administering medications and treatments, then monitoring patients for side effects and reactions
  • Creating, implementing, and evaluating patient care plans with the medical team
  • Performing wound care, such as cleaning and bandaging them
  • Assisting in medical procedures as needed
  • Operating and monitoring medical equipment
  • Drawing blood, urine samples, and other body fluids for lab work
  • Educating patients and family members on treatment and care plans, such as IBCC, as well as answering their questions
  • Supervising licensed practical and vocational nurses, nursing assistants, and nursing students

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The list goes on and on! But for RNs that work in a physician’s office, you're also taking on daily administrative work, in addition to your long list of responsibilities. Admin work including prior authorizations, biologics, approvals and denials all seem to pile up taking a huge chunk away from your day. There never seems to be enough hands to get things done in an efficient manner, depriving you of the joy you once felt doing the job you love.

What if we told you that we have the capabilities to take (most) of your headaches away? We understand that as doctors and nurses, administration has increasingly taken over your job. We're here to help change that.

The Solution: Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

Working with Senderra Specialty Pharmacy gives you more margin back in your day by taking administration off your plate (increase your productivity). And our biggest asset, the Senderra Physician Portal, CarePath, is beat by none in the Specialty Pharmacy industry. It is the most advanced patient, customer management and prescribing tool for physicians.

Here's how we do it. Convenience.


Senderra's Physician Portal

The Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal is a patient management and prescribing tool built specifically with the needs of physicians in the specialty pharmacy industry in mind. The portal is a hub for all of your needs and necessary steps to do your job diligently without dropping the ball. And get this - no more fax machines!

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy is offering a system, not a software, to make your job (and your life) easier and more automated. But what's most important - we handle it all for you.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Services and Portal Features

1. We handle approvals and denials.

Denials are received for different reasons, but with Senderra's extensive knowledge and expertise, we know how to overcome this better than anyone else in our industry. Our portal uses a checkbox feature where writing your own appeals is no longer an issue! Getting calls from patients, waiting on doctors, not having the time to complete appeals is now a thing of the past.

2. No more faxing.

All documents are fillable and can be submitted within the Physician Portal; no printing and no faxing needed. We're taking you paperless!


3. We are your digital file cabinet.

The Senderra Physician Portal keeps track of all the information ever collected from your patients during their lifecycle with Senderra. This includes demographics, status, insurance, funding, documents - anything you could think of. Not only does the Portal store all of your important information to view patient documents, it also allows you to easily upload and check insurance!


4. The auto-save feature.

In addition to storing all of your patient's important files and notes, the portal has an auto-save feature! Interruptions happen while entering patient information, we get it! The portal saves all of your work and marks where you left off, so you have the ability to go back and finish later. It even includes a real time working to-do list so nothing falls through the cracks again!

5. Prescribing is made easy.

The Physician Portal allows you to not only prescribe medications through the portal, but also issue patient refills and track shipments in real time. The portal is set up specifically for your clinic. So you can easily switch between doctors in your portal if your clinic works with multiple doctors. The portal is set up to save the doctors signatures, making prescribing and refilling a seamless process.

2-16. New RX? No problem.

Not only can you easily add new patients in your portal, but we make prescribing new RX more effective than ever. You can easily take any prescription without faxing back and forth. And with your doctor's signature auto-saved in the portal, you won't need to ask them for their signature again thereafter.

7. We have our very own Domino's tracker.

Our prescription tracker works similarly to Domino's - every step of the way is noted for your convenience. As nurses and doctors, you take care of hundreds of people a day and can't remember everything about everyone. This feature allows you to go back and look through when scripts are coming in and when shipments are going out and all of the information in between.

8. Live Messaging.

The portal's live messaging feature allows you to message Senderra, other pharmacies, clinics, doctors and patients. This feature includes keeping a record of all message history to view your messages from the past. In addition, our Senderra "Swat Team" is available 24/7 for live chat. Once your conversation has ended, the live chat sends an email transcript of the conversation for your records.

Interested in working with Senderra?

Working with Senderra Specialty Pharmacy not only gives Prescribers access to be the best, user-friendly technology in the industry with real time data access, but you also receive our specialty services at no additional cost. At Senderra, we make your job just a little bit easier by offering our expertise and new state-of-the-art facility to give you back your life and free some of your day so you can enjoy your job again.

Why choose Senderra Specialty Pharmacy? Ask a Senderra representative for more information on our Specialty Pharmacy services.

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