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All About the Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal

All About the Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal

The Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal is a patient management and prescribing tool built specifically with the needs of physicians in mind.

About the Senderra Physician Portal

The Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal is a system, not a software. Senderra created the portal as a hub for all of your administrative work: supporting the steps and procedures that take place in your physician's office, electronically.

But what's most important is that we actually handle it all for you.

Meet Tom Bohannon, Vice President of Sales for Senderra, the largest independent specialty pharmacy in the U.S.

"What difference does a physcian portal make? It makes everyone's lives easier. When a prescription is submitted through the portal, it comes to Senderra as an e-scribe. Once it is submitted, the patient is now added to the system and the prescription is added to their profile. The e-scribe is smart and easy to read. Directions pre-populate on the screen for the physician to approve based on the patient's diagnosis. The physician may also upload specific clinical information about the medication creating more efficiency for our PA team."

- Tom Bohannon

Keep reading to learn more about the Senderra Physician Portal, CarePath.

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What can the Physician Portal Do?

Think of the Physician Portal like a CRM and project management system. It's built for users to get their tasks done faster and more efficiently, plan ahead, track progress, store important information and collaborate easily - all with real time patient data.

The Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal, CarePath, does just that (for physicians).

How it works:

File, Save, & Check Insurance

The portal keeps track of all the information ever collected from your patients during their lifecycle with Senderra, keeping track of big data. This includes demographics, status, insurance, funding, documents, etc. In addition to storing important information, it also allows you to easily upload and check patient's insurance.

We added an auto-save feature to the portal; it marks where you left off and saves all of your work so you have the ability to go back and finish later. It also includes a real time working to-do list to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

The portal does everything electronically; no paper, no faxing. All of the documents are electronically fillable and are submitted within the Senderra Physician Portal.

Add New Patients & Save Physician Signatures

The portal is set up specifically for your clinic, so we make it easy to add new patients and switch between the doctors in your office. And because there may be multiple physicians in your clinic, the portal has a feature to save all of the their signatures, making prescribing and refilling a seamless process.

Prescribe, Refill & Track Medications

Physicians are not only able to prescribe medications through the portal, but you can also issue patient refills and prescribe new RX, taking any prescription without having to fax back and forth.

The portal also comes with a prescription tracker. Every step of the way is noted for your convenience. This feature allows you to go back and look through when scripts are coming in, when shipments are going out and track those shipments in real time.

Prior Authorizations

Senderra handles prior authorization approvals and denials for you. Our portal includes a checkbox feature so you never again have to write your own appeals.

Although prior authorization denials are received for different reasons, Senderra knows how to overcome this better than anyone else in our industry. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we're able to settle denials faster and easier than before.

Portal Support & Messaging

The Portal's live messaging feature allows you to message Senderra, other pharmacies, clinics, doctors and patients. This feature includes keeping a record of all message history.

In addition, our Senderra "Swat Team" is available 24/7 for live chat. Once your conversation has ended, the live chat sends an email transcript of the conversation for your records.


How it Compares to Competitors

We're not the first to have our own portal, but Senderra is the first to perfect it. Our Physician Portal sets Senderra Specialty Pharmacy apart from everyone else in the Specialty Pharmacy industry.

Our portal is the most advanced, user friendly patient management and prescriber tool for specialty medications.

See here for newly launched UltraTouch technology, now known as SenderraCare+, and what our Vice President of Sales, Tom Bohannon, has to say about CarePath for Patients.

Why Choose Senderra Specialty Pharmacy?

What's great about Senderra is that we're not just here to give you a new program to learn -  we actually handle some of it ourselves for you, at no additional cost.

Because we have skin in the game for so long, we can offer expertise to physicians, decreasing the time it takes or the steps it takes to get things done.

Learn about Senderra Specialty Pharmacy for GI Immunology and Autoimmune Disorders.

Why choose Senderra Specialty Pharmacy?

We can make your job just a little bit easier by offering our expertise to give you back your life and free some of your day so you can enjoy your job again.

Ask a Senderra representative for more information on our Specialty Pharmacy services.

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We dedicate ourselves to designing and executing a model to serve the needs of our patients and partners (PrescribersPharma and Payers) in order to make a difference and effect positive outcomes.

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All About the Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal

All About the Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal

The Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal is a patient management and prescribing tool built specifically with the needs of physicians in mind.

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