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Prescriber Education

Educational material for prescribers and other information relating to Senderra.

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1 min read

How does Senderra help me with prior authorizations?

If you're a doctor or physician, you may be handling PAs yourself. Instead, ask Senderra how we can help you expedite the prior authorization process.

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4 min read

5 Ways Specialty Pharmacies Support Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Why do you need a specialty pharmacy? Specialty pharmacies offer many patient management services and support programs which benefit pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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2 min read

Are You Handling Prior Authorizations Yourself?

If you're a doctor or physician, you may be handling PAs yourself. While this can be a great way to save money, it also comes with risks.

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3 min read

Why You Need a Specialty Pharmacy

Why are specialty pharmacies needed for physicians, patients, managed care, and business development?

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1 min read

Welcome to the Senderra Institute

A customized, single-day, comprehensive class providing everything you need to know about specialty pharmacies.

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