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How We Benefit Our Payer Partners

Your goals and your Members matter to us- we seek to provide the right drug, right dose, at the right time and for the right patient


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We customize and attune our service model to help you meet your financial and clinical objectives.


We verify suitability of therapy, working with Prescribers and Patients to ensure that your desired outcomes are met according to your medical protocols.


Senderra strengthens your relationships with physicians across our national network of Prescribers, while facilitating the adoption of your formulary policies.

Senderra's Support Programs

Senderra CarePath


Case Management System

CarePath is a proprietary best-in-class patient management system that works internally to provide an automated workflow and efficiency to Senderra’s high-touch service. CarePath captures every data point of the patient experience, thereby offering a robust data and reporting platform.

Senderra CarePoints


Clinical Program

CarePoints is Senderra’s clinical platform within CarePath that provides dynamic clinical therapy management to every step of both Senderra’s process and the patient’s journey. CarePoints gives Senderra the ability to quickly modify its clinical programs to adjust to best practices and gives Pharma and Payer Partners the ability to adjust and customize their patient’s experience with Senderra, while receiving real time reporting and results.

Honoring Your Goals

Senderra understands the needs of Payersfinancial responsibility for the sake of Members and other stakeholders. We promote your goal of financial responsibility by extending ourselves to work with Prescribers and Patients on your behalf to honor your clinical algorithms and medical protocols.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

A Customized Approach That Meets Payers' Needs

Senderra's model was founded upon service - caring enough to make a difference with our partners. This includes Payers. We support your formulary, utilizing our CarePath platform to ensure your policies are communicated and recognized throughout the prescription process among our national network of Prescribers.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

An Added Layer Of Clinical Focus

Senderra tracks and monitors every step of the prescription process through our proprietary technology and software platform CarePath. This powerful tool provides Payer-centric transparent reporting and verification of results–supporting clinical data (lab values), and Patient quality of life improvements.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

Looking Out For Your Members

Senderra understands your responsibilities to your Members. We are here to help them at every turn of the prescription process, while supporting their understanding and awareness of your formulary coverage and clinical protocols.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy


How We Benefit Payers

Senderra is the specialty pharmacy that serves you, the Payer. We seek to provide the right drug and the right dosage at the right time for the right patient.

Meet Ozella: A former healthcare professional, Ozella is able to enjoy her unique hobby of capturing her family history in quilts, in part, because of access to the right specialty meds.

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