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How we benefit our Pharma Partners

A Partner Dedicated to Your Needs

Count on Senderra to be a specialty pharmacy partner unlike any other. We can prove it.

Whether it’s our best-in-class service model, our ability to help you navigate compliance and regulation, or providing vital data on the adherence and success of your specialty pharmaceuticals, we care.

Pharma Partners | Senderra RX


Improved distribution, trial, adherence and compliance for your specialty medications.

Access to real-time data

Through our innovative technology, you have access to real-time data for better decision-making ability.

Customized around your needs

Our flexible system for working with Pharma partners allows for programs and clinical development your way.

Senderra CarePath


Case Management System

CarePath is a proprietary best-in-class patient management system that works internally to provide an automated workflow and efficiency to Senderra’s high-touch service. CarePath captures every data point of the patient experience, thereby offering a robust data and reporting platform.

Senderra CarePoints


Clinical Program

CarePoints is Senderra’s clinical platform within CarePath that provides dynamic clinical therapy management to every step of both Senderra’s process and the patient’s journey. CarePoints gives Senderra the ability to quickly modify its clinical programs to adjust to best practices and gives Pharma and Payer Partners the ability to adjust and customize their patient’s experience with Senderra, while receiving real time reporting and results.

Senderra's Support Programs



A Best-In-Class Service Model

Senderra's entire approach is built around service. The combination of our trained team of patient care and clinical specialists, our proprietary technology and our high-touch, partner-focused protocols ensure better outcomes.

That includes better performance in our ability to handle more challenging clinical- and service-intensive specialty medications of our Pharma partners.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

Competent and Big Enough

Half of all prescriptions don’t make it to their mandated specialty pharmacy, and of that, only about 20% are actually filled. Senderra is able to consistently verify 80% of patients receive their first fill from another specialty pharmacy with the proper follow up.

For Pharma partners, our model means a superior fill rate versus our competition, among other benefits.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

A Partner In Navigating Compliance and Regulation

Senderra is equipped to help you navigate the increasingly challenging regulatory environment with regard to dispensing specialty medications. We're also well-versed in helping Pharma partners execute marketing programs with specific objectives, ensuring elements such as patient consent and effectuating successful drug trials.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

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