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Why You Need a Specialty Pharmacy

Why You Need a Specialty Pharmacy

Why are specialty pharmacies needed for physicians, patients, managed care, and business development?

Specialty pharmacies have the knowledge and support structure to assist physicians and their patients with complicated medications, immunology therapies and all of the tasks that come along with it. Physicians, Pharma and Partners have a choice in the specialty pharmacies they use.

Why do you need a specialty pharmacy?

  1. Specialty Pharmacies Support Physicians

  2. Specialty Pharmacies Ensure Patient Medication Adherence

  3. Specialty Pharmacies Benefit Business Development

  4. Specialty Pharmacies Enhance Managed Care

The Benefits of Outsourcing a Specialty Pharmacy for GI Immunology | Senderra

Specialty Pharmacies Support Physicians

Doctors and nurses are spending too much time tracking administrative tasks. Working with a specialty pharmacy that handles these tasks (such as insurance benefits or assists in prior authorizations), save physicians time, minimizes their workload and therapy disruption.

Physician Portal

An online physician portal is an excellent additional service for a specialty pharmacy to offer. Streamlining communication between physicians, specialty pharmacies and patients is essential in simplifying work processes and reducing time on task completion. Think of a physician portal like a CRM and project management system all in one, just for your clinic. It's built for doctors and nurses to get their tasks done quicker and more efficiently, plan ahead, track progress, store important information and collaborate easily.

Prior Authorizations

A great specialty pharmacy can provide other services to physicians, such as sourcing and facilitating enrollment in financial and support programs, and even handling prior authorizations. Prior authorization denials are received for different reasons. Choose a specialty pharmacy that has extensive knowledge and expertise, enabling you to settle denials faster and easier.

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy Physician Portal

Specialty Pharmacies Ensure Patient Medication Adherence

Specialty pharmacies provide assistance in patient care, by offering resources such as case managers and nurses, educational resources, and financial assistance.

Specialty pharmacies add an essential element to healthcare - patient communication. Patients crave a more personalized approach to pain management and hands-on specialty medication requires hands-on treatment.

Complex regimens, like infiltrative basal cell carcinoma, pose a higher risk of non-adherence, so having easy access to tools that make medication administration easier lowers costs and boosts patient outcomes. By having regular contact with patients, including tasks like refill reminders, specialty pharmacies ensure the patient's adherence to their medications so they can achieve the best results.

Specialty Pharmacies Benefit Business Development

Specialty pharmacies perform patient management services and support programs for both Physician and Pharma:

Data and Reporting

A specialty pharmacy should include

  • Inventory, dispense, demographics, patient, payer referral status, competitive data, clinical assessment, triage, and enhanced services
  • Should collaborate with HUBS (or similar) or offer HUB-like services

Production Launch

A specialty pharmacy should have

  • Formalized pharma contracting processes in place to review contracts quickly
  • They should have redlines reviewed and returned within 5 business days
  • Be transparent throughout entire process
  • Have quick implementation turn around less than 90 days
  • Dedicated single point of contact for manufacturer and for HUB

Unique Clinical Management

A specialty pharmacy should offer

  • Patient status to know where patient orders are anytime, anywhere
  • Status reporting that is easy and shows real-time for physicians and pharma
  • Highly intuitive clinical workflow process to assure that every patient and prescription gets the same care and treatment
  • A patient management software

The Senderra Institute | Senderra

Specialty Pharmacies Enhance Managed Care

Copay Assistance Programs

A copay assistance program is essentially what it sounds like: assistance with covering copay amounts. The eligibility requirements for a copay assistance program vary and don’t exist for every medication on the market, but there are many available. Specialty pharmacies provide essential guidance and help enroll you into these programs.

Therapeutic Clinical Excellence

There are five technical pillars to clinical excellence and a specialty pharmacy should showcase all pillars:

  • Evidence-based thinking and practice
  • Professional and peer accreditation
  • Decision support systems
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Learning and risk management

Real-Time Data Access

Real-time data entry for patient healthcare is key for patient and data assessment. Using internal case management systems, such as a physician portal, captures every data point of the patient experience, thereby offering a robust data and reporting platform.

Why Choose Senderra?

Senderra offers specialized treatments for more than 15 specialties including  gastroenterologyimmune system disordersdermatologic diseases and more.

The combination of our new state-of-the-art facility and trained team of patient care and clinical specialists, our proprietary technology and our high-touch, partner-focused protocols ensure better outcomes and a better, streamlined process for your clinic.

As a national specialty pharmacy, Senderra is accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and the NABP, exceeding top standards and providing reliable services to our patients, physicians and partners.

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About Senderra

Senderra-Logo_Mark-Only_COLOR-1Senderra is a national specialty pharmacy, serving patients with challenging and ongoing medical conditions through provision of specialty medicationsclinical expertise and support services.

We dedicate ourselves to designing and executing a model to serve the needs of our patients and partners (PrescribersPharma and Payers) in order to make a difference and effect positive outcomes.

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