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5 Key Factors to Consider when Selecting a Specialty Pharmacy

5 Key Factors to Consider when Selecting a Specialty Pharmacy

Complex, chronic illnesses frequently necessitate complicated therapy regimens. When you combine this with side effect management, dietary restrictions, and the economic burden of costly medicines, it can be a lot for patients to manage.

Specialty pharmacies have the knowledge and support structure to assist patients with complicated medicines and therapies. You have a choice in the specialty pharmacies your patients use as a healthcare provider. There are five key things to consider while selecting the appropriate specialty pharmacy for your patients and staff:

  1. Choose a specialty pharmacy that has experts in complex, chronic conditions.
  2. Choose a specialty pharmacy that has resources to assist patients.
  3. Choose a specialty pharmacy that has resources to assist your staff.
  4. Choose a specialty pharmacy that offers exceptional customer service.
  5. Choose an accredited specialty pharmacy.

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A Leading Expert

When it comes to potential interactions or clinical treatments, as a healthcare provider, there may be times when you depend on the knowledge of your specialty pharmacy. When evaluating specialty pharmacies, prescribers should determine the level of clinical expertise and certifications that a specialty pharmacy holds. Some specialty pharmacies have condition-specific teams for specialty conditions, like autoimmune disorders, which demonstrates its expertise and knowledge as a clinic.  

Resourceful to Patients

Patients want a more personalized approach to pain management. Complex regimens pose a higher risk of non-adherence, so having easy access to tools that make medication administration easier lowers costs and boosts patient outcomes. Patient education materials should include medication information, wellness and nutrition advice, supplemental treatments like IV therapy, adverse effects management, and support services for patients.

Some specialty pharmacies provide assistance, such as case managers and nurses, in addition to educational resources demonstrating their dedication to patient care.

Financial assistance is another factor to consider when choosing a specialty pharmacy. Specialized medicines are expensive and understanding health insurance policies can be difficult to deal with, especially when other things are on their mind. Partner with a pharmacy that can assist your patients in understanding finances and help them access manufacturer co-pay programs or government grants to pay for costly medications.

Another essential element to consider when picking a specialty pharmacy is patient communication. Hands-on medicines need hands-on treatment (see here for pain management for chronic illnesses like Crohn's). Eighty-eight percent of patients who want assistance with their treatment feel that assistance would make a difference in their health. Patients should be given regular contact, including refill reminders, from their specialty pharmacy to ensure adherence and achieve the best results.

Resourceful to Staff

Your staff should be focused on caring for individuals, not tracking administrative tasks. Working with a specialty pharmacy that handles insurance benefits and assists in prior authorizations will save time and minimize therapy disruption.

The specialty pharmacy you choose should also have a dedicated account manager. Your go-to contact is can help you resolve any issues, answer questions, and make sure you are receiving timely service.

An online healthcare provider portal is an excellent additional service for a specialty pharmacy to offer. Communication between healthcare providers and specialty pharmacies can be simplified with online portals. Web sites should provide your staff with a simple log-in that allows them to check patient statuses and communicate with specialty pharmacy personnel.

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Exceptional Customer Service

It's critical that the specialty pharmacy you work with shows your patients care and respect, as well as gives outstanding service to your employees. There are several approaches to assess a specialty pharmacy's customer service:

  • Look at patient survey results as well as who conducted the survey.
  • For credibility, check to see if the survey was conducted by an independent, reputable organization.
  • Review patient and healthcare provider testimonials.
  • Ask your peers which specialty pharmacies they use and see if they have any feedback.


It's not easy to obtain accreditation. Specialty pharmacies must demonstrate that they have policies and procedures in place that ensure patient safety and care, strict performance measures for accuracy and demonstrate excellence in order to receive accreditation. Such reputable accreditations can include credit by Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

Why Choose Senderra?

Senderra offers specialized immunology treatments for more than 15 specialties including gastroenterology, immune system disorders, dermatologic diseases and more. We leverage our unique technological platform, CarePath, to work with patients and physicians to ensure a streamlined and simplified process. The combination of our trained team of patient care and clinical specialists, our proprietary technology and our high-touch, partner-focused protocols ensure better outcomes.

As a national specialty pharmacy, Senderra is accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and the NABP, exceeding top standards and providing reliable services to our patients, prescribers, and partners.

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About Senderra

Senderra-Logo_Mark-Only_COLOR-1Senderra is a national specialty pharmacy, serving patients with challenging and ongoing medical conditions through provision of specialty medicationsclinical expertise and support services.

We dedicate ourselves to designing and executing a model to serve the needs of our patients and partners (PrescribersPharma and Payers) in order to make a difference and effect positive outcomes.

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