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5 Ways Specialty Pharmacies Support Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

5 Ways Specialty Pharmacies Support Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Why do you need a specialty pharmacy? Specialty pharmacies offer many patient management services and support programs which benefit pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Working with a specialty pharmacy can ensure your therapy's success. Here are 5 ways Specialty Pharmacies support pharmaceutical manufacturers:

  1. Expert Services
  2. Provide Training
  3. Relationships
  4. Support Services
  5. Data

Expert Services

A key component of managing a chronic health condition is through medication management and specialty pharmacies play an integral role. Specialty pharmacies not only improve patient outcomes, but they also minimize health care system costs, the lack of adherence and save nurses time; like for example, writing biologics.

Expert services drive adherence and persistency in the specialty industry by offering resources such as case managers and nurses, educational resources, and financial assistance.

Complex regimens pose a higher risk of non-adherence, so having easy access to tools that make medication administration easier lowers costs and boosts patient outcomes. By having regular contact with patients, including tasks like refill reminders, specialty pharmacies ensure the patient's adherence to their medications so they can achieve the best results.

Provide Training

Specialty pharmacies offer trainings on how to use medication, patient monitoring, communication and the priorities of a pharmaceutical organization.

Senderra Portal

An online physician portal, CarePath, is an excellent additional service for a specialty pharmacy to offer. Streamlining communication between physicians, specialty pharmacies and patients is essential in simplifying work processes and reducing time on task completion. 

Think of a physician portal like a CRM and project management system all in one, just for your clinic. It's built for doctors and nurses to get their tasks done quicker and more efficiently, plan ahead, track progress, store important information and collaborate easily.

Senderra Institute

Senderra Institute is a customized, single-day, comprehensive class providing everything you need to know about specialty pharmacies.

The course was created by experts with backgrounds in pharma manufacturingspecialty pharmacy, retail and pharmacy operations. 

The institute is led and presented by Senderra's senior leadership, providing everything you need to know about specialty pharmacies in the context of your own needs, concerns, and priorities as someone who shapes outcomes in your pharmaceutical organization.

The Senderra Institute | Senderra


A specialty pharmacy's mission is to maintain and develop relationships with large brands and manufacturers, helping navigate compliance, regulation, and provide vital data on the adherence and success of your specialty pharmaceuticals.

At Senderra Specialty Pharmacy, we work with large manufacturers such as Abbvie, Novartis, BMS, Janssen and Lilly. Our business development team researches and identifies current, existing, and future pipeline products that fall into specialty disease states that we treat. Once brands are identified, we will reach out to the manufacturers trade & development groups to introduce the Senderra team and conduct capabilities presentations.

Senderra’s business development team develops and designs a customized patient journey for the manufacturer’s brand. This journey addresses their main pain points, whether that be an extensive prior authorization, onboarding patients, enrolling in HUB or bridge support, ongoing adherence, injection training or post transfer support.

Senderra’s differentiators include:

  • #1 Independent pharmacy in the nation
  • national sales team
  • every patient receives the same level of care regardless of payor mandates
  • proprietary patient management platform with the ability to build and customize any program to fit the manufacturer’s needs
  • ability to report anything and everything with our robust data warehouse, technology and innovation which surpasses competitors

Support Services

Patients want a more personalized approach to their therapy. Specialty pharmacies, like Senderra, provide a number of specific approaches to help both the patient and clinical team understand the level of difficulty and impact that the patient is experiencing. At Senderra, we are focused on treatment outcomes.

Support services for patients include programs such as fee for service programs and financial health assistance for chronic pain, auto immune diseases, neurology, oncology and GI. Our pharmacists and nurses are readily available 24/7 for questions about your therapy. We will work to help with adherence, as well as work with your physician on any changes to your therapy as may be needed. Finally, we will complete a drug review for any interactions when new medications are added.

Financial assistance for chronic pain therapy is important for patients when choosing a specialty pharmacy. Specialized medicines are expensive and understanding health insurance policies can be difficult to deal with, especially when other things are on their mind. Partner with a pharmacy that can assist your patients in understanding finances and help them access manufacturer co-pay programs or government grants to pay for costly medications.

Specialty pharmacies provide essential guidance and help you to enroll in copay assistance programs. Manufacturers provide either a coupon or virtual debit card to help cover copays for your medication. The eligibility requirements for a copay assistance program vary, but generally anyone who has private health insurance is eligible to enroll. Copay assistance programs don’t exist for every medication on the market, but there are many available. You are most likely to find a copay assistance program if your medication is expensive and relatively new. The savings from using a copay assistance program can be substantial.

Financial Health


Specialty pharmacies provide key data insights which can be used for many different things like improving business efficiency or healthcare practices.

Data is captured through documentation platforms and patient management systems. From referral to discharge, capturing additional information about the patient and their experience offers significant value.

Specialty pharmacies can collaborate with both Hubs as well as data aggregators in order to both collect additional data points but also to provide the data in a manner and fashion that the manufacturer requests.

Working with a specialty pharmacy who has an extensive data collection and great reporting capabilities can benefit pharmaceutical manufacturers because of their ability to monitor patient responses to drug treatments.

Interested in Learning More?

As a specialty pharmacy with a new state-of-the-art facility, Senderra benefits our patients, prescribers and partners by providing support services and programs in addition to vital data on the adherence and success of your specialty pharmaceuticals.

Learn more about how Senderra saves you time writing biologics!

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About Senderra

Senderra-Logo_Mark-Only_COLOR-1Senderra is a national specialty pharmacy, serving patients with challenging and ongoing medical conditions through provision of specialty medicationsclinical expertise and support services.

We dedicate ourselves to designing and executing a model to serve the needs of our patients and partners (PrescribersPharma and Payers) in order to make a difference and effect positive outcomes.

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