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3 Ways Senderra Saves You Time Writing Biologics

3 Ways Senderra Saves You Time Writing Biologics

While traditional pharmaceutical medications are synthesized in a laboratory using chemical processes, "biologics" refer to any type of medical therapy that is derived from living organisms such as humans, animals, or microorganisms.

Biologics, such as vaccines that developed in the 19th century, have been around for many years. Other terms used for biologics also include “biologic therapy,” “biological therapy,” “biologicals,” and “biopharmaceuticals.”

Biologics are larger, more complex molecules compared to traditional, non-biologic drug treatments, such as Advil. Because manufacturing biologics is a more complicated process, they are typically more expensive than non-biologic treatment alternatives.

Some conditions which have biologic therapies include asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriatic arthritis and osteoporosis.

Although prescribing biologics is now a standard of care, depending on the severity of the disease or disorder, the process of writing biologics is time-consuming for nurses and physicians.

Here's how Senderra can save your clinic time writing biologics:

  1. Insurance Approvals
  2. Nursing Services
  3. Patient Services

How Specialty Pharmacies are Freeing Nurses Time | Senderra

Insurance Approvals

If you're a nurse, then you know how difficult it can be to receive insurance approvals. This process usually involves numerous phone calls, long hold times, multiple phone transfers, and a lack of follow through from the insurance companies.

Getting insurance and prior authorization approvals is a constant source of stress for doctors, patients and health plans. Delayed access to biological medication causes tension between physician and patient, makes scheduling appointments more difficult, delays patients in receiving their treatment, and can sometimes lead to a decrease in patient medication adherence.

Denials are received for different reasons, but with Senderra's experience working with insurance companies to gain insurance approval, we relieve the burden of writing biologics for nurses. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we help clinics settle denials faster and easier than anyone in our industry.

Nursing Services

Facilitating each process regarding specialty medications is time consuming and it takes a lot of coordination on your end to make it happen. By partnering with a specialty pharmacy, we can lighten the burden of administration, save you time, reduce staffing costs, and offer additional nursing services.

Specialty pharmacies have an in-depth understanding of the manufacturer's program to help physicians, nurses, and clinics with program onboarding and compliance.

How does Senderra do it?

While educating you on the manufacturer's programs, Senderra will coordinate with your clinic to best fit the model of how your practice currently administers and handles specialty medication prescription fulfillment.

Using our custom platform, Senderra's Physician Portal, and corresponding protocols, like CarePath, we are able to add a level of competency and consistency to meet your demands and the needs of your patients; it's the ultimate specialty pharmacy CRM.

Below are a list of additional nursing services that Senderra offers our partners:

  • Offer trainings on how to use medication, patient monitoring, communication and the priorities of a pharmaceutical organization
  • Support services for patients which include programs such as fee for service programs, financial health assistance, and enrolling in copay assistance programs
  • Assistance with prior authorizations, onboarding patients, enrolling in HUB or bridge support, ongoing adherence, injection training or post transfer support

By offering additional support services, we are able to remove the burden of time-consuming, administrative tasks, like writing biologics.

Patient Services

Affordability and education of these specialty medications can create additional tasks, leaving added responsibility for nurses. However, patients require a personalized approach to their therapy in order to reach a successful outcome.

Specialty pharmacies provide a number of specific approaches to help both the patient and clinical team understand the level of difficulty and impact that the patient is experiencing.

Focused on positive treatment outcomes for patients, Senderra helps patients understand the entire specialty medication prescription process. This includes understanding the medication and its benefits, how to utilize the program, and staying informed of their condition. By educating patients on the manufacturer's program and processes for you, we are able to reduce additional administrative tasks (and lots of paper cuts).

Why Choose Senderra?

Partnering with a specialty pharmacy, like Senderra, offers customers an innovative solution to streamline day-to-day operations. In conjunction with our Physician Portal platform, we not only handle tasks such as insurance approvals, benefits and assist in prior authorizations for you, but we're also able to increase productivity by removing time-consuming administrative duties from doctors’ and physicians' busy schedules.

Connect with one of our representatives today for more information!

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