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Prescriber Support to Lighten Your Load

Embracing your way to make patient care easier


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Prescriber Login Portal

  • Allows prescribers to e-prescribe

  • Check patient status

  • Communicate real-time via messaging with a Senderra representative 

  • Upload new patient information

  • Assist with submitting prior authorizations via ePA

  • Reduce prior authorization turn-around-time

    Prescriber Login

Senderra | Prescriber Login


Why Senderra?

We understand that as a Prescriber, your job is increasingly driven by administration. We're here to help change that, so that you can focus on what matters – Patient care.

Meet Dr. Fleischmann: Doctors like Dr. Fleischmann rely on Senderra to make his Patients’ lives and his medical assistants' job easier.


What can Senderra do for me?

Let us support you by reducing paperwork, calls, and headaches. Instead, receive assistance to streamline communication, maximize time, and lighten your workload.

At Senderra, all our prescriber services boil down to the four key areas of difference below.


Embracing a Nurse-driven Model

When it comes to facilitating the specialty medication prescription process, Senderra understands the level of administration and coordination it takes on your end to make it happen.

We embrace your process, and will coordinate with you in the way that best fits the model of how your practice administers and handles specialty medication prescription fulfillment.

After all, if your process is not working for you, then your Patients’ health, happiness and satisfaction are at risk.

Senderra | Nurse-Drive Model

Meet Your Demands

You can count on Senderra. Others say it, but we can prove it.

Our specialty practice Prescriber partners rely on Senderra every day to lighten the burden of administration, saving them time, staffing costs, and frustration.

We have built a platform and corresponding protocols called CarePath (click here) that enables us to add a level of competency and consistency to meet your demands and the needs of your Patients.


Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

Freeing you to once again be caregivers

Once we prove ourselves to our specialty practice partners, Prescribers often find that they are again free to focus on who matters most–their Patients

Each unique patient journey is coordinated and managed with proactive communication. We handle all the administrative tasks so you don't have to.

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Senderra RX | Prescriber

We're here for you - big enough, yet nimble

Senderra has been around since 2010, but in that time we have experienced tremendous growth as a direct result of the effectiveness of our people, technology, and processes.

Count on us to handle what you need, do what we say and deliver against your needs in the ways that matter most to you and your specialty practice.


Prescriber | Senderra RX

Gastroenterology Specialty Pharmacy

We use our unique technology and applications to closely monitor patients’ responses to therapy, medication adherence and administer ongoing education.

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Interested in learning more about Senderra?

Discover what makes us different so that you can provide the absolute best service as a Prescriber.

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