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Your Unique Patient Journey

We Handle Everything So You Don't Have To



Your Journey Begins

At Senderra, we will be here throughout your treatment. Upon referral, you can expect a warm welcome from a member of our staff via phone call. 

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Let Us Take Care of the Administrative Tasks

  • Prescriber notification of referral receipt and status

  • Benefit investigation and verification

  • Enrollment into copay assistance programs and funding support

  • Therapy specific clinical outcome measurements  

Patient Care

Senderra Specialty Pharmacy | Patient Journey

Patient Onboarding

We offer monthly adherence outreach, ongoing patient education, funding support, and patient clinical interventions. Our pharmacists also provide an initial clinical assessment and initial adherence screening.  

Ongoing Clinical Education

We offer pharmacist and nursing support to help you manage your disease and therapy. Call us at 888-777-5547 to speak with a clinical pharmacist.

Adherence Screening

You will be contacted every month to determine your adherence and readiness for refill; barriers to therapy are addressed to improve quality of life and reduce impact of disease. Adherence is an important part of maximizing clinical outcomes.

Patient Clinical Interventions

We proactively contact our patients when changes in condition or therapy are identified, non-adherence is indicated, or at therapy appropriate intervals to reinforce therapy goals. Your prescriber is informed of every intervention provided to patient real-time.

Receive Medication from the Convenience of Your Home

Stay informed of your real-time medication shipment status with our delivery coordination. Senderra understands the importance of having enough medication supply on hand. Therefore, to ensure you get your medication on time, we offer the option to receive free overnight shipping.

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Prescription Delivery | Senderra
“They always call me in plenty of time to schedule the shipment for my medication. And if I’m traveling they will ship it to wherever I am.”
MMIT | Senderra
“They always check if I have any problems and how much I have left, so I will not run out before receiving my next order.”
MMIT | Senderra
“I’ve had 4 different specialty pharmacies and sendarra is the best!! They have straightened out so many messes that other pharmacies have caused and continue to be the best!!”
SLG | Senderra
“I do no not call Senderra. They always call me to advise me of my prescription status and when I can expect delivery. This service is very much appreciated.”
SLG | Senderra
“Everything has been incredible, and so helpful. You have an amazing organization that has been overwhelmingly easy to work with. I am grateful that there is at least one aspect of living with this disease that has been pain free."
SLG | Senderra