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Senderra Wraps Up a Year of Success: Highlights from 2023 Conferences

Senderra Wraps Up a Year of Success: Highlights from 2023 Conferences

As the year comes to a close, Senderra proudly reflects on a series of successful participations in national conferences, showcasing its commitment to innovation, excellence, and collaboration within the healthcare industry.

NORM Conference

San Francisco, CA

Senderra kicked off its impressive conference circuit by heading to the National Organization of Rheumatology Management (NORM) conference in San Francisco. This event served as a platform for several team members to delve deep into the latest breakthroughs in rheumatology management and innovative treatment approaches.

Networking opportunities with esteemed professionals provided valuable insights, fostering connections with some of the brightest minds in the field.

One of the highlights of the NORM Conference was Senderra winning the coveted "Best In Show" award. This accolade not only validates Senderra's commitment to excellence in rheumatology management but also underscores the recognition received from industry experts and peers.



The gathering also saw the Senderra sales team acquiring client testimonials, further solidifying the company's reputation for delivering exceptional service and solutions.

I got Senderra, and it has seriously changed my life. It has simplified my life.

- Clara Glunt, AARA South Carolina


NASP Conference

Grapevine, TX

In a testament to its dedication to industry leadership, Senderra proudly participated in the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) Conference held in Grapevine, TX. As a corporate sponsor, Senderra's team engaged in various activities, from board participation and committee involvement to speaking engagements. This involvement not only showcased Senderra's expertise but also provided a valuable platform for sharing insights and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

The NASP Conference was a dynamic event that allowed Senderra to connect with experts in the field, fostering relationships that contribute to the company's continued growth. By actively participating in key aspects of the conference, Senderra demonstrated its commitment to learning, growing, and shaping the future of specialty pharmacy.


We have been using Senderra for 3 months, they really do take care of our patients, even when they cannot help us they guide us. They have a great website. I can pop on there and see where everything is, and what is going on. Lou Diaz is my sales rep and Michelle and him take care of me. Great customer service as well.

- Beth Colan, Maddic Disease Clinic


Asembia AXS23 Conference

Las Vegas, NV

During the Asembia AXS23 Specialty Pharmacy Summit, Senderra’s Vice President of Regulatory and Compliance, Tiffany Jones, was a featured speaker during the conference at a panel session focusing on ‘Mitigation Accreditation and Regulatory Risk While Focusing on Improving Patient Care.’

Senderra also sponsored a photo station providing all conference attendees the opportunity for a complimentary professional headshot.

Tiffany speaking at conference 2023



BCOD Conference

San Antonio, TX

Closing out the year on a high note, Senderra participated in the Biologic Coordinators of Dermatology Annual (BCOD) Conference in San Antonio. This conference provided team members with the opportunity to connect with biologic coordinators and office staff nationwide for education, training, and networking.

The conference featured Senderra's exhibit booth, showcasing the company's dedication to providing top-notch solutions in dermatology.

Members of Senderra's outside sales team, Sophia, Grant, and Beth, actively engaged with attendees, further solidifying Senderra's presence as a trusted partner in the dermatology community.



In addition to the highlighted conferences this year, the Senderra team was busy participating in numerous other industry summits and events. We had a great 2023, and we are already looking forward to our calendar of industry events for 2024!

We hope to see you there!

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