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Exercise that helps (not hurts) Osteoarthritis

Exercise that helps (not hurts) Osteoarthritis

Discover the transformative impact of exercise as a key component in the comprehensive treatment of osteoarthritis. At Senderra Specialty Pharmacy, we delve into the critical role exercise plays in alleviating pain, hypercholesterol and promoting joint health for those battling osteoarthritis. Please consult with your physician for the best treatment course for you.

Understanding Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic and progressive condition affecting the joints that can hinder mobility and cause discomfort. The complexities of this condition include the loss of protective cartilage to the resulting bone-on-bone friction that leads to inflammation and stiffness. More than half of the people diagnoses with osteoarthritis are over 65.

For a long time it has been thought of as a normal part of again, but experts have since realized that there are numerous factors involved, other than age. For example, osteoarthritis risk can be inherited from genetics or injury/ disease could kick off the start of deterioration. The rate of progression depends on genetics, biomechanical forces, and biological and chemical processes, all of which vary from person to person. Another factor that strongly influences osteoarthritis is excess weight gain because it places added stress on the knees, hips, and spine.

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Exercise is a Game-Changer in Osteoarthritis Management

While there's no known cure for osteoarthritis, incorporating exercise into your daily routine can significantly slow its progression and enhance overall well-being. There are a multitude of benefits, from pain reduction to improved flexibility, balance, and muscle strength.

Harvard Health lays out the recommended exercises for osteoarthritis. See here for other ways to reduce inflammation.

For information on how to do the exercises listed below, please see article here. Please consult with your physician for the best treatment course for you.

Flexibility (range-of-motion) Exercises for Osteoarthritis

Recommended flexibility exercises aimed at enhancing joint mobility and preventing tissue tightening.

  • Inner Leg Stretch
  • Hip and lower back stretch
  • Double hip rotation

Strength (resistance) Training for Osteoarthritis

Strength training for Joint Support is important in protecting and supporting affected joints. These targeted exercises will empower individuals to build muscle strength without exacerbating joint pain.

  • Chair stand
  • Hip extension
  • Bridge

Endurance (or aerobic) Exercise for Osteoarthritis

Endurance exercise is good for overall wellness. Low-impact aerobic exercises enhance cardiovascular health, overall function, and well-being. These endurance activities are designed to control weight and build muscles while safeguarding joints.

  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical training

Specialty Pharmacy Solutions for Osteoarthritis

In conjunction with a holistic approach to osteoarthritis management, consider the specialized services offered by Senderra Specialty Pharmacy. From personalized medication plans to expert guidance, our comprehensive solutions aim to optimize your osteoarthritis treatment journey.

Learn more about Senderra's Osteoarthritis Specialty Pharmacy.

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