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Oncology Patient Resources

Oncology Patient Resources

Cancer.Net is the patient information website of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). All patient education content is reviewed and approved by an ASCO Editorial Board of nearly 200 oncologists, physicians, nurses, social workers, and patient advocates.

There are many online resources available, but having access to safe and accurate information is important. Information and resources relating to Oncology can be found at Cancer.Net, including different types of cancer, navigating cancer care, coping with cancer, research, and more.

In this blog we'll cover the following topics. Find quick links below!

  1. Types of Cancer
  2. Navigating Care & Coping with Cancer
  3. Survivorship
  4. Oncology Specialty Pharmacy

Why Choose Senderra Specialty Pharmacy

Types of Cancer

At Senderra, we find immense value in the wealth of information provided by Cancer.Net, a resource that tailors its guides to over 120 types of cancer and related hereditary syndromes. These individualized guides, endorsed by oncologists, cover a spectrum of crucial topics including Introduction, Medical Illustrations, Risk Factors, Prevention, Symptoms & Signs, Diagnosis, Stages, Types of Treatment, About Clinical Trials, Latest Research, Coping with Treatment, Follow-Up Care, Survivorship, Questions to Ask the Health Care Team, and Additional Resources.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) stands firm in its belief that the decision-making process for treatments should be a collaborative effort between patients and their physicians.

To navigate this comprehensive repository, click here. The initial tab showcases common diagnoses, but if your specific case isn't listed, utilize the Alphabetical tabs to access the complete array of Cancer.Net guides.

>> Go to Cancer Types Menu

Navigating Care & Coping with Cancer

Cancer.Net offers a wealth of resources for navigating cancer care, encompassing information on diagnostic tests, clinical trials, side effects, genetics, and the costs of care. Additionally, it provides valuable guidance on addressing the emotional and social challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis, ensuring comprehensive support for individuals and their loved ones throughout their cancer journey.

>> Learn about cancer, its causes, and its treatment.

>> Help for patients & their families to better cope with cancer.

Cancer Survivorship

Cancer.Net's survivorship section is a valuable resource catering to the over 18 million Americans living with a history of cancer, offering crucial information and support not only for survivors but also for their friends and family.

>> Post-treatment care, rehabilitation, late effects & more.

Oncology Specialty Pharmacy

Senderra offers specialized immunology treatments for more than 15 specialties, including Urologic Cancer and Dermatologic Cancer and infiltrative basal cell carcinoma.

Have questions? Talk to a Senderra representative today!

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About Senderra

Senderra-Logo_Mark-Only_COLOR-1Senderra is a national specialty pharmacy, serving patients with challenging and ongoing medical conditions through provision of specialty medicationsclinical expertise and support services

We dedicate ourselves to designing and executing a model to serve the needs of our patients and partners (PrescribersPharma and Payers) in order to make a difference and effect positive outcomes. 

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